NORDIS Policy Work: a report in brief

Our first-year report on our policy work.

While NORDIS works independently from national and international authorities and private interests, the findings and practical insights of the NORDIS partners can be a key factor in better countering information disorders in the region. Hence, the NORDIS partners have worked continuously to share their expertise, findings, and knowledge with a wider network of stakeholders. 

In our report on NORDIS policy work, we showcase how NORDIS has benefitted the Nordic media and information system by sharing findings and insights with key legislative and policy stakeholders in the Nordic countries. This report presents a selection of such competence-sharing activities.

You can read the full report here.

The report presents five NORDIS activities where one or several partners have engaged with key policy stakeholders to share their knowledge of the state of information disorder in the Nordic countries and provide input on how to best counter, understand and monitor it. These activities include a new Nordic think tank on the influence of big tech appointed by the Nordic Council of Ministers, a policy brief on Assessing Information Disorder in the Digital Media Welfare State, as well as key presentations and events by NORDIS partners.

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