One year of NORDIS: a brief report on the activities of the consortium

The consortium marks its first anniversary.

September 1st 2022 marked the successful implementation of the first half of the initial two-year project period of the Nordic Observatory for Digital Media and Information Disorder (NORDIS). 

From the start, NORDIS has set out to be a consortium that creates synergies across countries and sectors (academics and journalists/fact-checkers/educators), both in terms of developing new approaches/methods for fact-checking, as well as the transparency of these methods, and, finally, sustainable business models for fact-checking organizations.

During the first year of the consortium, we have been able to build a strong Nordic fact-checking network. This work has been bolstered by favorable structural conditions in the Nordic countries, such as high levels of trust and educational attainment, as well as local media systems. Aided by these these conditions, NORDIS aims to establish a best practice example of fact-checking collaborations. 

Throughout the first year the NORDIS fact-checkers have substantially surpassed the expected number of fact-checks for the first year and have successfully collaborated both among themselves and with the broader EDMO network. 

The cross-country collaboration of NORDIS has also allowed for several academic cross-country analysis of mis- and disinformation. Finally, range of different modes of competence sharing between fact-checkers and researchers have proven the strength of a multidisciplinary consortium such as NORDIS. 

In the report, Annual report on Activities of the NORDIS hub – First Year the consortium present its activities throughout this first year, both presenting the activities implemented by NORDIS itself as well as the collaborations with the EDMO network.

You can read the full report here.

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