NORDIS and DIGIRES collaborate on policy brief

University of Helsinki researcher Minna Horowitz and Auksė Balčytienė of the Lithuanian EDMO hub DIGIRES and Vytautas Magnus University have published a report discussing how to understand and measure resilience against misinformation.

Below is the executive summary of the report. The full report can be read here.

This policy brief stems from a research collaboration between two projects of the European Digital Media Observatory EDMO: DIGIRES (Lithuania) and NORDIS (Finland, Denmark, Norway, and Sweden). The brief discusses the components and indicators of what constitutes resilience to disinformation from the following perspectives:

1. How resilience against online disinformation can be understood;
2. What indicators could be used to measure national resilience to online disinformation,
3. How comparative analyses can inform policies in terms of common practices and
nationally-specific characteristics.

Based on an analysis of 30 comparative indicators of Finland and Lithuania, depicting sociopolitical context, media landscape, and media use, and reflecting the findings on some qualitative expert interviews conducted within the project, the brief recommends the adaptation of a complex understanding of national resilience to online disinformation: Not only are descriptive indicators central to understanding systemic factors of resilience but the concrete attitudes, values, and capacities of those executing actions to build resilience are
central – and the overlooked aspect in policymaking and research.

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