A Nordic Approach to Democratic Debate in the Age of Big Tech

Nordic think tank on big tech releases report.

A little less than a year ago, we were able to share that NORDIS
researcher Minna Horowitz and NORDIS PI Anja Bechmann had been
invited to take part in a New Nordic think tank on the influence of big tech
in the Nordic countries. 

Read the new report from the Nordic think tank for tech and democracy

Along with other experts from Norway, Finland, Sweden, Denmark,
Iceland, Greenland, Faroe Islands, and Åland, the two NORDIS researchers
have been working intensely to create a set of recommendations for how
to protect and strengthen the democratic debate in the age of Big Tech. 

The result is 11 recommendations that follow the vision of the Nordics as
a united tech-democratic region, where the emergence of big tech
infringes on citizens’ ability to take part in open and informed public

For more information about the think tank, you can visit our blog post and
report on the policy activities of NORDIS here.

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